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  1. The Century Bank and Trust Entertainment Pavilion

    On Wednesday, June 6th, the Village of Quincy held a naming celebration for the Century Bank and Trust Entertainment Pavilion. Read on...
  2. Water / Sewer Rate Increase

    Village Council approved water / sewer rate increase in August 2017. Additional approved rate increase took effect April 1, 2018. Read on...
  3. 2018 Water Main Replacement

    This notice is to update residents regarding construction progress / expectations for the above referenced week. Read on...
  4. Online Bill Payment

    Residents are now able to pay their utility bills and Village taxes online! Click on "Online Utility & Tax Bill Pay" on the main page. You will need your account number to access your utility bill.
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  1. Warmer weather is finally here!!
    With that being said, we would like to remind residents of a few ordinances, which commonly get over looked, but could end up costing you!

    1. Ordinance #219 

    Section 2 : Disposal of Refuse and Garbage

    ***** DO NOT BURN GARBAGE*****
    - Burning garbage in the Village Limits is PROHIBITED and you will receive a fine of $50 (1st offence), $250 (2nd offence), or $500 (3rd + offence)!
    - If you do not have trash service, we have options for you, you can sign up for Republic Services through the Village Office and only pay $12.57 per month, and you are able to get rid of one big item a week!
    ***** DO NOT KEEP BLIGHT (junk)*****
    - Do you have a couch or mattress hanging out on your front porch/ yard? Items like this (junk / garbage) that are just laying around your property could put you in jeopardy of the fines of $50 (1st offence), $250 (2nd offence), or $500 (3rd + offence)!
    - If you have Republic Services, call the office before 5 PM on Thursdays to schedule a large item pickup. Don’t have Republic Services? The Transfer station on Ridge Road is open Wednesdays and Saturdays 9 AM to 4:30 PM.

    Section 12: Disposal of Yard Waste

    - We are not saying you have to have a “bagger” system on your mower, but when mowing by the road, mow so that the clippings don’t go into the road.
    >>>This causes the storm drains to become plugged and result in blockages! 
    - The Village offers yard waste pickup (in bags) every Monday.
    - The Village offers brush pick up the first Monday of the month, or you can take your brush to the Lagoon property during normal business hours, Monday through Thursday.
    - If found in violation, fines of $50 (1st offence), $250 (2nd offence), or $500 (3rd + offence) will be enforced.

    2. Ordinance #228

    Section 302.4: Weeds

    *****KEEP YARD MOWED!*****
    - Premises & exterior property shall be maintained free from weeds / plant growth in excess of 8 inches. ( this includes grass)
    >>>You will receive a “Noxious Weed Notice” if your grass / weeds are too tall.
    >>>If you choose not to mow the grass, the Street Department will mow it for you, which will result in a bill from as low as $5 to $500!

    We want the Village of Quincy to be a beautiful place to LIVE, RELAX, and THRIVE, to do this we need your help in maintaining your property!